Mental Clarity Spread

Mental Clarity Spread

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This healing Tarot spread will connect deep with self and help you to understand why you are struggling with self love, worthiness, acceptance and how to reclaim your power!

This reading will identify what you are seeing in others that you cannot see in yourself.

What is the source of this projection? Why are you unable to see in yourself the beauty you see in others?

What components of this projection do you have power and control over? How can you change this?

What feelings will you experience when you release these thought patterns?

What skills or knowledge could you gain by reclaiming your power?

How can you remain consistent in this area of your life and stop these thought processes creeping back into your reality?

This reading is a SIX card reading and includes ONE affirmation card!

Disclaimer: Intuitive Energy Tarot Readings are based off the energy currently in and around you. The advice in this reading should be taken as general only.This is not a prediction of your future, simply guidance based off energy and messages from spirit and guides. Each and every one of us has free will to change the course of our lives, therefore changing messages that may come through in this reading. The deck used for your reading will be intuitively selected. Your reading will be emailed within 7 days of purchase (I will always try to deliver it as early as possible) Your reading will be emailed to you with pictures of your cards.