GROWTH Spell Jar

GROWTH Spell Jar

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These potion jars are perfect for anyone transitioning through difference seasons of their life and experiencing rapid growth personally, mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. Keep them near by for all of the calming, high VO in’ energy!

These little bottles of magic have been hand crafted to help your plant babes grow bigger, faster and more vibrant than before. Just as crystals have the ability to empower us and lift our mood, they also have that effect on our plants. A perfect gift for yourself or a plant loving person in your life.

Each bottle is filled with:

Rose Quartz: For all the loving, peaceful & harmonious vibes. Rose Quartz will release its subtle, mothering energy to your plants and home.

Red Jasper: Known as the supreme nurturer Red Jasper is the perfect addition to your plants. It is known to encourage new growth due to its stimulating powers.

Clear Quartz: This stone is valued for its high vibrations of energy, amplifying energy around it and lifting emotions. In the garden, clear quartz stimulates growth and promotes healing.

They are also perfect for your plants!

Give your plant a good drink of water and say the below spell while slowly pouring your crystals into the pot plant, around the base of the plant. As you place the crystals say the below spell.

Grow hastily,
Grow healthily,
Grow heartily.