What to expect during a Energy Reading

Psychic Readings

Jamie comes from a strong ancestral line of spirited women. Having completed an Intuition course and starter her business from the ground up since January 2020 she has now helped many people gain clarity in their lives.

Jamie connects with her guides, which allows her to channel information about your current and future alignment. This includes but is not limited to your life path and direction, health, finances, career, study, relationships, life lessons, travel, home etc

Sometimes during your reading a loved one from the "other side" may come through to pass on a message. Jamie is experienced in describing your loved ones personality and appearance and often passing on messages in the same manner they spoke. 
If this is something you do not wish to have passed on if it presents during your reading please let Jamie know at the beginning of your session.

Please Note: Jamie does not summon spirits. It is the spirit that chooses to come forward to connect with Jamie and she will only pass on the messages that the spirit wishes to give and that come from a place of love.  Jamie has set strong boundaries when working with guides and spirit to ensure only the highest frequency energies may penetrate her energetically field.